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CAPRICORN, Since your Ruling Planet is SATURN , The Planet of Karma,

 Your Most Auspicious and Significant day is Base on Transit of SATURN,   Below the Upcoming Transit, The Important Days to Notice for this Mid of September to October 2022 •  Sep 22–23 2022 (Equinox: the day and night are equal and the beginning of the month of Libra):  If you have any aspirations for your current (or a future) relationship, this is a good day to send it out there. •  Sep 23 (Mercury conjunct the Sun right on the cusp of Virgo (work and functionality) and Libra (art, design, and relationships)): A good time to renegotiate contracts and heal relationships. 

CAPRICORN, the Achiever

 Few signs are capable of doing what you do, building something one careful step at a time, with a strategy or blueprint that lays out the route from A to Z.  Whether you’re building a career or a family, a business or an artistic project, you’re methodical, persistent and consistent and rarely daunted by any obstacles you encounter.

Understanding CAPRICORN Love and Relationships

Like Scorpio and Pisces, Capricorn is a difficult sign to get to know.  They are deep, introverted and like to keep their own counsel.  Capricoms do not like to reveal their innermost thoughts. If you are in love with a Capricorn, be patient and take your time. Little by little you will get to understand him or her. 

Understanding a Capricorn 2022

  The virtues of Capricorns are such that there will always be people for and against them.  Many admire them, many dislike them. Why? It seems to be because of Capricorn’s power urges. A well-developed Capricorn has his or her eyes set on the heights of power, prestige and authority. In the sign of Capricorn, ambition is not a fatal flaw, but rather the highest virtue. Capricorns are not frightened by the resentment their authority may sometimes breed.